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True Inferno

Game Profile

  • Genre: City-building
  • Platform: PC
  • Mode: Single-player
  • Date: 2015-2016


Game developed by a team of programmers in collaboration with some designers, artists and musicians as the final project for our master's degree in video games development.

Made using C++, Lua, Ogre3D, PhysX, CEGUI, FMOD and OIS.

Youtube channel.


True Inferno is a city-building game set in the authentic Hell: an extradimensional industrial complex where Evil is extracted from souls and refined. Malevolent deities from different myths manage their own piece of Hell in an eternal dispute of power. Taking the role of a rookie god, the player will join them in a cutthroat competition for becoming the new Boss.

As a city-building game, it focuses on the creation, management and improvement of our industrial facility. However, gameplay is shorter and slightly faster paced than usual, emphasising the tension and rivalry of the competition. In addition, events, sabotages and some other situations will occur constantly, forcing us to think fast and make difficult choices on the spot.

Personal contribution


  • Basic management systems for tiles and map resources.
  • Transformations handling for both logic and physics entities.
  • Manager and initial hierarchy of events + Lua-C++ integration (Luabind) for events creation and launch from Lua scripts.
  • Managers' configuration parameters reading from file.
  • Souls trial logic: souls creation, categories and roles.
  • Buildings priority system and automatic workers assignation algorithm.
  • Graphics programming: camera, illumination, materials and shaders.
  • Some minor GUI and audio related stuff.


  • Original game concept.
  • Repository management (GitHub).
  • Project compilation and building process (Ant) + New libraries inclusion (Lua, FMOD).
  • Team management and coordination (developers, designers, artists and musicians) + Email and social networks + Milestones presentations.

Install instructions

  • Option 1 (Installer): Double-click on the installer, complete the installation process and run True Inferno from the Start menu.
  • Option 2 (Portable): Extract the content of the zip file and double-click TrueInferno.exe.

Note: For both options 1 and 2, the first time you run the game you will get an Ogre setup window: select Direct3D9 as Rendering Subsystem and click OK (you can also check and change the rendering options if you want, paying special attention to "Rendering Device" and "Video Mode"). If you want to get this setup window again after the first execution, navigate to the installation folder and double-click on Configure.exe.

I may add that it has been tested successfully in different computers but we all know how this works, so please let me know in case you find any issues (comments, mails or error screenshots are very welcome, thanks!).


TrueInfernoInstaller.exe 98 MB
TrueInfernoPortable.zip 96 MB

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